I'm Outsanity.

I live in Chicago and I'm nuts.
I like games, women, tits, vagina, porn, and tits. Oh, I forgot to say I like tits. So, if you're going to be a cuntloaf about nudity on Tumblr, then you're blogging on the wrong site. Nice to meet you. Now, take off your clothes and cough.

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I will assume everyone on Tumblr is a Mac user but I will say that the MacHeist 4 has started.
It’s free to join if you never partaken in the MacHeist and you get free apps.
Right now you can get 2 apps (Corel Paint It! and Back To The Future Episode 1 game).

Also, seeing as I already have the BTTF game on Steam, anyone want a free copy? Again, it’s only Episode 1. 

MacBuzzer Mac Bundle

If you’re on a Mac, MacBuzzer is having a bundle for $19.95 but the price of the bundle will go up each (USA) day until it’s at $29.95 so grab it now.