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I’m pretty sure “apple” is code for something else in this context…

I’m pretty sure “apple” is code for something else in this context…

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Tech blogs today: iOS 7 is out and wonderful!

Tech blogs in a week: Here’s what’s wrong with iOS 7…

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16 GB iPod touch

A 16 GB iPod with only the front facing camera?
I guess selfies will increase by 70% and food posts will be gone.


I will assume everyone on Tumblr is a Mac user but I will say that the MacHeist 4 has started.
It’s free to join if you never partaken in the MacHeist and you get free apps.
Right now you can get 2 apps (Corel Paint It! and Back To The Future Episode 1 game).

Also, seeing as I already have the BTTF game on Steam, anyone want a free copy? Again, it’s only Episode 1. 

New iPhone And iPod Updates Today?

I have to say, I’m glad I never really got into the whole iPhone lifestyle. Well, plus, I can’t afford one.
For me, I don’t like that they are now (rumored) pushing a new updated iPod with a 5MP camera, so I read, and GPS (which is needed if you ever want to use the iPhoto app) and some other shit.

Meh… That’s Apple for you. Always fucking with you.

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So, About The New MacBook Pro…

It may be a bad idea to get them if you were planning on doing so.
Well, I read that the SSD and RAM (the memory) are actually soldered in place.
So, in other words, if you wanted to maybe update either one yourself, more likely you can’t unless you pay apple to do it or buy a new one with the SSD/RAM updated.