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I like games, women, tits, vagina, porn, and tits. Oh, I forgot to say I like tits. So, if you're going to be a cuntloaf about nudity on Tumblr, then you're blogging on the wrong site. Nice to meet you. Now, take off your clothes and cough.

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What we wanted from tumblr:

  • no more dumb restrictions on asks
  • no more dumb restrictions on text posts
  • an actual straightforward PM system
  • some way to check if your friends are online would be nice
  • gifs to stop freezing for no discernible reason
  • maybe get some servers that don’t fall apart so easily

What we got:

  • fan mail
  • highlighting
  • never shutting the fuck up about Missing e, ever

Well, I can somewhat help with the first 3 or maybe 4 with 2 links.
http://tumblrmsg.com/ and http://chatlr.com/

Tumblrmsg is kind of like an advanced ask box but you can invite more people in the convo

Chatlr has been around for some time. It’s a chatroom. Yeah.


What is TumblrMSG?

TumblrMSG is an application built on Tumblr’s API. TumblrMSG simply gives you a messaging platform (outside of Tumblr) that you can use to have long, unrestricted conversations with other TumblrMSG users. It functions in a very similar way to the Tumblr Ask/Respond system except that messages are threaded. Exactly like Tumblr’s system, you can:

  • Publish responses to Tumblr
  • Receive email alerts
  • Receive anonymous messages.

Why would I use TumblrMSG?

If you find that you reach the 500 character limit, reach the 10 asks per hour limit or have messages go missing through Tumblr, you would probably find TumblrMSG of benefit. You can send and receive as many messages as you like and there is no length (or new line) restrictions to TumblrMSG messages.

Also, if you do roleplaying or frequently have discussions with more than one Tumblr user at once, TumblrMSG is great for that. You can have conversation threads with as many people as you like (at once) using TumblrMSG.

Can I send messages to Tumblr users not using TumblrMSG?

Yes you can. Because TumblrMSG is an TumblrAPI application, you are able to search for and send messages to any user on Tumblr. The message you send will be stored in TumblrMSG and when that user logs into TumblrMSG,  your message will be waiting for them. 

So if you want to send someone not using TumblrMSG a message, feel free to do so and then you can drop them a quick ask to let them know a long, wonderful message from you awaits.

How will I know I have new messages on TumblrMSG?

The obvious answer to this question is to go to the TumblrMSG website and you will see if you have new messages but there are other options that will avoid you having to have a new tab open or visit TumbrMSG all the time to see.

Will there be an Internet Explorer add-on?

In the near future, no. Developing extensions for Internet Explorer requires a skill-set that Rakuli, the developer of TumblrMSG, does not have at this time.

Will I get banned from Tumblr for using this?

No. The API calls that TumblrMSG uses are done using a unique API developer key directly related to TumblrMSG and are done from the TumblrMSG server to Tumblr. Your Tumblr account will not be affected by using TumblrMSG. You authorise TumblrMSG to connect with your Tumblr account, from then TumblrMSG is responsible for all of the API calls.

Something went wrong - is TumblrMSG a virus or spammer?

No, not at all. TumblrMSG and the browser extensions are in Beta which is a phase in development where most of the bugs have been squished but a chance remains that one will appear due to unforeseen circumstances that can only come from realistic use. TumblrMSG will not spam your Tumblr blog or spam your email and certainly won’t install any viruses on your computer.

What do I do if I want to suggest something or report a bug?

The developer of TumblrMSG Rakuli is very approachable and will endeavour to help you as much as possible with any issues you have. To contact him you can:

Who is using it and how are they finding it?

There are 13000 tumblr users using TumblrMSG so far and the overwhelming majority of feedback is positive. <reblog this message with your feedback if you want to add your findings>

How do I start using it?

Head over to http://tumblrmsg.com and click the “Start now” button — simple as that.

Ask me anything!

You’re bored and woke. Just ask me some stuff. You’ll also get a dollar. Like, for free.

Drop me a line

Browser extensions reach V0.3


All browser extension versions have now reached version 0.3.

The latest update includes stability enhancements as well as the ability to manage add-on updates directly through your browser rather than having to update trough TumblrMSG each time.

If you’re not running a V0.3 extension now, go to TumblrMSG and choose your version to get the latest and greatest.


TumblrMSG gets its 10,000th user and 10,000th message!

The wonderful support for TumblrMSG continues.

A massive congratulations to:

jezzaya who created message ID 10,000

And to:

fleurdelalune who was the 10,000th Tumblr to sign in.


See what all the fuss is about.

Get everyone involved


Don’t worry. TumblrMSG development hasn’t stopped, it has just stalled for a moment as I have moved house and don’t have any internet to send live all the great features that are planned.

Please spread the word, the more people that are using TumblrMSG, the more useful TumblrMSG is.

Current Features

  • Unlimited messages. No character limits, no messages/hr limits.
  • Converse with multiple Tumblr users in a group conversation.
  • Threaded messaging. You don’t have to struggle to remember what you were talking about any longer.
  • Post your responses to Tumblr as you answer them or after you respond.

Soon to come (when internet returns to me)

  • Opt in anonymous messaging.
  • Opt in TumblrMSG email alerts
  • Enhanced browser extension features and more integration right from within your Tumblr Dashboard.
  • Collaborative writing tools.
  • Favourites and address books for easily keeping in touch with your closest Tumblr friends.

Give it a try today. TumblrMSG will never spam your blog, never post without your consent and your TumblrMSG account can be deactivated at any time.

I like the idea of getting email alerts.

Upgrade to 0.1.1 of Chrome extension


On the homepage of TumblrMSG (when logged in) there is a link to version 0.1.1 of the TumblrMSG extension.

There was a bug in the last one which loaded the extension on the Tumblr cusomise page meaning that some of the buttons didn’t work.

If you encounter this issue, it means you’re using version 0.1 and should upgrade to fix it.