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Ever look at a simple word that you know you spelled right but your brain thinks it’s spelled wrong?

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So, I heard a ting about Nintendo on Rooster Teeth’s The Patch podcast.

I guess if you somehow lose a digital download or, in this case, lose your 3DS, Nintendo makes you rebuy the game rather than let you redownload it. I think they said:

When you lose the physical game card, you don’t get a new one free. You go buy a new one.

I assume this counts for the Wii-U also.

I could go indetail why this is a bad move on Nintendo but, I’m tired. Also, you already know that’s a shitty move anyways.

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Quick question:

Did anyone else know that when making a text post and you want to insert an image, the default is to upload but, holding the ALT key will switch the option to insert an image?


Look what Marlboro sent me as an early birthday gift.

Look what Marlboro sent me as an early birthday gift.

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I just witnessed maybe the best and worse thing on YouTube that wasn’t the comments.

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