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Cyber-Bullying among TF2 Animators


Breaking news! A GMod Youtuber by the name of marcoDoctorwho is being cyber-bullied by Saxxy winner Thoopje and his friends for almost a year. More info about this here. They also made hideous pictures using Marco’s face, made a video and also made a website to harass him even more. They even have a Youtube channel dedicated to making his life miserable.

I hope you all can read it and spread this out as much as possible!


#35: Nozomi ToujouSeries: Love Live! School Idol ProjectClaimed By: Outsanity on Oct. 19 2014Odds of Winning: 27.8%


#35: Nozomi Toujou
Series: Love Live! School Idol Project
Claimed By: Outsanity on Oct. 19 2014
Odds of Winning: 27.8%